Weaving with Crystals

Weaving Crystals with Karen

Karen Brown will teach any of the classes shown below using 4mm crystals or 4mm faceted glass beads.

Karen has become the local expert in single needle right angle weave. She was editor and tester of all of Pam’s tutorials and has taken over the teaching of Pam’s right angle weave classes. She is currently working with Pam on rewriting her book Beaded Beads and More. This book is currently distributed by Beadsmith.

Karen is a caring and conscientious teacher with 16 years of teaching experience. Currently she teaches Microsoft Office Applications at the Women’s Business Center at FIT.

You will enjoy her classes!

Students must download the accompanying tutorials from BOOKSBYPAM.com.  You can follow the tutorials alone or take the class with the tutorial.

All of these tutorials start with Pam’s FREE tutorial entitled Swarovski Crystal Bracelet. You need to download a copy for yourself and then a copy of the tutorial that goes with any class you are taking. If you have any difficulty at all with these downloads then do not hesitate to Contact Pam. She will be happy to get a copy for you.

Karen will schedule these classes but you can also request a private class for your group coordinated to fit both of your schedules. You can get an email to Karen by going to Register Here.

Click on any photo below to start the slide show.

Download a printable list of materials by clicking on the appropriate link below. This will take you to the page for that tutorial which has a button to click to download the list.

Swarovski Crystal Bracelet

Embellished Swarovski Crystal Bracelet

Beads, Buttons & Baubles

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Mini Beaded Bag

Beaded Bead